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We see Little Nellie’s shadow against a mountain, and suddenly see that four other helicopters are chasing her. As they begin firing, James takes evasive action. He uses his flame throwers to destroy one of the helicopters right behind him. He then climbs above another one and takes it out with his aerial mines. James destroys the third with one of his rockets. The last is blown up by two of the air-to-air missiles.

James: Hello, Base One.
Tanaka: Listening.
James: Little Nellie got a hot reception. Four big-shots made improper advances towards her, but she defended her honor with great success. Heading for home.
Tanaka: Do not come home, Bond-san. Russian space shot imminent. Proceed vector 4-6 degrees and await instructions. Understood?
James: Roger and out.

Scene: Russian space facility

A man in Ground Control counts down and the Russian rocket takes off. The capsule goes into orbit and everything is proceeding smoothly. Suddenly the ground radar operator sees a second blip on the screen. It’s the big evil silver spacecraft again. It catches up to the Russians and swallows their capsule. While the Russians are frantically trying to figure out what happened, the silver capsule turns around and heads for home.

Scene: volcanic crater with lake

We see now that the lake is actually made of metal and pulls back to reveal a hollowed out interior.

Intercom: Clear the area. Clear the area.

We see many people and vehicles scurrying inside.

Intercom: Prepare for reception. Prepare for reception. Radar blackout is now complete. Radar blackout is now complete.

The mountain is now fully open and empty, awaiting the rocket’s return.

Scene: Pentagon

Army Man 1: Moscow radio’s already saying that we did it.
Army Man 2: The President’s called a press conference for 2pm. He’ll deny emphatically we had anything to do with it.
Army Man 3: But can we prove it?
Army Man 1: Of course we can’t.
Army Man 2: The world isn’t going to believe the Russians destroyed their own spacecraft. And now they’ll use the excuse to shoot down our next Jupiter.
Radar Operator: (on monitor) Houston to Washington. We followed him for one orbit. Now he’s gone off the screen.
Army Man 2: That means he’s coming down.
Army Man 3: Yeah, but where?
Army Man 1: Some place in Russia. It has to be. The British theory about Japan is nonsense.
Army Man 4: Forget Japan.
Army Man 1: I agree.
Army Man 4: We’ve re-photographed every square inch.

Scene: the hollowed-out volcano

The rogue spacecraft is coming in for a landing. It emits lots of smoke as it settles on the landing pad.

Intercom: Ventilator fans to full power. Open all air ducts.

We see the intercom man in a bustling control room, sitting next to Helga.

Intercom: Area safe to enter. All crews to stations.
Engineer 1: All air ducts to normal.
Engineer 2: Air ducts opened.
Engineer 1: Close crater.
Engineer 3: Closing crater.

We see the lake sliding back into place to cover the crater.

Intercom: Fire guards to station.

Dozens of men pour out and head for the spacecraft. Back in the control room…

Engineer 1: Ventilator fans to normal. Open shutters.

The control room’s shutters open, revealing that it is set to one side of the volcano with a view of everything that happens.

Intercom: Reception complete.

Inside the control room, a chair slowly turns around and we see Blofeld’s body stroking his cat.

Blofeld: Withdraw captive spaceship.

Outside, the large spacecraft opens its doors. We see the Russian craft inside.

Intercom: Guards to stations.

A crane lifts out the Russian capsule and sets it on a platform nearby.

Blofeld: Remove the prisoners.
Intercom: Remove the prisoners.

The Russian capsule is opened and the cosmonauts are removed. They are escorted by guards into an elevator. Back in the control room, Blofeld rises to leave.

Blofeld: I shall be in my apartment. I may send for you later.

Back in the crater, the cosmonauts are loaded into a monorail and whisked off.