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Aki leads the gunmen outside of town. We see a helicopter swoop down out of the sky. It lowers a large electromagnet and picks up the gunmen’s car. The men inside panic as the helicopter lifts them high over Tokyo Bay and then drops them.

Tanaka: How’s that for Japanese efficiency?
James: Just a drop in the ocean.
Tanaka: Zero-zero?
James: Yes, Tiger.
Tanaka: Motor vessel Ning-Po is owned by Osato Chemicals, Tokyo.
James: That fits. Go on.
Tanaka: Vessel at present loading in Kobe Docks. Sailing for Shanghai at 5 pm this afternoon. Suggest you proceed Kobe immediately to look her over.
James: Can we make it?
Aki: Yes, just.
James: Proceeding immediately, Kobe Docks. Tiger, contact M. Tell him to send Little Nellie. Repeat, Little Nellie. Suggest she be accompanied by her father. Most urgent. Understood?
Tanaka: Understood.

Scene: Kobe Docks

James and Aki spot the Ning-Po being loaded with canisters of “synthetic turpentine.” James touches one of them.

James: Condensation. Ice cold. Liquid oxygen.

A forklift runs right at them and they dodge it at the last minute. They realize they’re surrounded by Osato goons. James and Aki escape to a higher level and start trading gunfire with their assailants.

James: Get out of here. Contact Tanaka.
Aki: I’m not leaving you.
James: Tell him to keep that ship shadowed wherever she goes. Go now.

Aki escapes down a rope while James leads more of the men up onto the roof. He fights some of them, then jumps down two levels and lands on some conveniently placed cardboard boxes. Just as he thinks he’s gotten away, a man sneaks around a corner and whacks him on the back of the head. James collapses unconscious. Osato suddenly appears.

Osato: Take him to Number 11.

Scene: Helga’s cabin aboard the Ning-Po

James is tied to a chair. Helga and two bodyguards look on.

Helga: Wake him up.
James: Are you finished? Where am I?
Helga: You’re in my cabin on the Ning-Po. Leave him to me now. Wait in there. And shut the door.

The other men leave.

Helga: I’ve got you now.
James: Well enjoy yourself.

Helga slaps him.

Helga: Who are you working for?
James: Empire Chemicals, you know that.
Helga: Do all their people carry guns?
James: When they’re abroad, yes.
Helga: And why were you snooping around the docks?
James: I like ships. And I used to be a sailor.
Helga: You are a liar.

She opens a drawer of surgical implements and pulls out a shiny scalpel.

Helga: Do you know what this is?
James: I’d rather now.
Helga: Plastic surgeons call it a “dermatome”. They use it to slice off skin. I hope you won’t force me to use it.

She puts it in his jacket pocket and then leans in close.

James: Now, what’s a nice girl like you doing in a place like this?

She starts kissing him.

James: I have a confession to make.
Helga: What?
James: Actually, I’m a spy.
Helga: I know that.
James: I suppose you know that industrial secrets are big business? Well, I’ve stolen Osato’s new process for making monosodium glutamate. And… Well, it’s worth $300,000.
Helga: So?
James: Well, I’ll split it with you if you get me out of here and back to Tokyo.
Helga: That’s a nice offer.
James: How about it?
Helga: I’m afraid not.
James: Why?

She stands and removes the scalpel from his pocket.

Helga: Osato would kill me.
James: We could fly to Europe tomorrow, you and I.

She hesitates, then uses the scalpel to cut his ropes. He takes it from her hand and uses it to cut her dress straps as she kisses him.

James: Oh, the things I do for England.