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James: She’s dead. Poisoned. Tiger, we must get to that island.
Tanaka: You’re almost ready. Just two more days’ training.

Scene: Ninja Training Grounds two days later

James is fighting another ninja with sticks. We see another guy kicking blocks of wood. Another guy breaks a block of ice with his head. James is disarmed and raises his hands to acknowledge defeat. Suddenly a knife appears out of the end of his opponent’s stick. The opponent attacks him. James manages to get the stick from him and stabs him in the side. The other ninjas come running.

Tanaka: You killed him.
James: Yeah, he tried to kill me.
Tanaka: This man is a stranger from outside.
James: It’s lucky we’re getting out of here.
Tanaka: Yes, tomorrow you will be a poor Japanese worker, with humble Japanese wife at your side.
James: Yeah, with a face like a pig.

Scene: wedding ceremony the next day

James and several other grooms wait as the brides walk by. The first two are old and unattractive. The last, Kissy Suzuki, is very young and pretty. She and James steal glances at each other as they walk to the temple. They kneel as a priest marries the three couples. James and Kissy take part in a ritual tea ceremony.

Scene: Ama Island

A boat chugs towards the island crowded with fishermen and workers. James and Tanaka are there in disguise. James sits near his new bride.

Tanaka: My men are already ashore. All over the island. We have four days left. It is not much time.

The boat docks and everyone disembarks. Kissy runs into some friends and introduces her new husband. As she and James come to the harbor road, they see a funeral procession pass them by. Kissy enquires in Japanese as to what happened. Kissy and James then head to her place.

Kissy: This is my house. My friend has made us some food.
James: Do you live here alone?
Kissy: Yes. My parents are dead. Sit down, please.
James: Oysters. Is this the only room there is?
Kissy: Yes. That is your bed. I shall sleep over there.
James: We’re supposed to be married.
Kissy: Think again, please. You gave false name to priest.
James: Yes, but we must keep up appearances! We’re on our honeymoon.
Kissy: No honeymoon. This is business.
James: I won’t need these.

He pushes away his oysters.

Scene: that night

James fans himself awake in bed while Kissy sleeps. Tanaka runs up from outside.

Tanaka: Bond-san.
James: What’s wrong?
Tanaka: The Americans have changed the launching date. The countdown has already started. The President has spoken on television. He’s given a last warning to the Russians.
James: When does it go up?
Tanaka: Tonight, midnight. Our time.
James: Did your men search the island?
Tanaka: Yes. There is nothing, except volcanoes. Everything is so normal around here. Nothing happens.
Kissy: One thing has happened. Yesterday an Ama girl rowed her boat into Ryuzaki.
James: Ryuzaki?
Kissy: It is a big cave on the mainland. And when her boat floated out again, she was dead.
James: Was that the funeral we saw yesterday?
Kissy: Yes.
James: How did she die?
Kissy: Nobody knows.
James: Can you take me to this cave?
Kissy: Yes.
James: We’ll slip away from the fishing fleet in the morning.

Scene: fishing boats heading out the next morning

James rows their boat out of the harbor as Kissy smiles at him in her white bikini. Later, she dives in and then swims back up to the boat. James helps her back in.

James: All right? Now where is this cave?
Kissy: It’s straight across. The cave is over there.

They row over to it. It is indeed large and forbidding. Inside, James notices that a mist seems to be rising from the water.

James: Gas. Get over the side. Quick.

They both dive in. They swim underwater until they’re safely outside again. They climb up onto the rocks nearby.

James: Phosgene gas, to keep the visitors away. Did you notice the sulphur on the walls?
Kissy: The yellow?
James: Yes. It was once an underground outlet for the lava from the volcano.
Kissy: There must be a long tunnel.
James: Miles of it. It leads all the way, right up to the top there.