This script was transcribed by Kristine Howard from the DVD in February 2002. In some places either the audio mix or the actor’s enunciation made it difficult to hear what was being said. I have tried to copy down the dialogue as closely as possible, but it’s not 100% accurate. I have also included scene descriptions and actions where appropriate. Actor’s names are included when their characters are first seen. As several characters were not named, I have just referred to them in general terms. Please do not reproduce this transcript on your site without my permission.


Scene: American space capsule floating above the earth, intercut with bustling shots of Flight Control below

Astronaut: Calling CapeCom. CapeCom, this is Jupiter 16. Can you give a go for fourth orbit?
Flight Control: CapeCom to Jupiter 16. Can you confirm O2 pressure is within limit?
Astronaut: Roger. Everything looks good in the environmental control system.
Flight Control: Okay, everything looks good from here. You have a go for fourth orbit.
Astronaut: Jupiter 16, Roger. We’re storing all loose gear, ready for the EVA.
Flight Control: Ground Jupiter 16, this is CapeCom. Start your EVA anytime you’re ready. Remember that you have plenty of time in the other EVAs for experiments. So don’t stay out too long, Chris.
Astronaut: Okay, Flight. Don’t worry; we’ll stick to plan.
Flight Control: Roger. CapeCom to Jupiter 16, on my mark it’ll be four plus three seven. Four, three, two, one, mark.

The hatch opens, and Astronaut Chris pulls himself out for “extra-vehicular activity” (i.e. a space walk).

Astronaut Chris: CapeCom, this is Chris. I’m out. Everything looks okay. Good… The maneuvering unit is working this time. I used it to get out and it makes things a lot easier.
Flight Control: CapeCom to Hawaii, this is Flight Control, come in please.

Shots of control station in Hawaii

Hawaii: Hawaii, roger.
Flight Control: Hawaii, we expect to start EVA over your station on this pass.
Hawaii: Hawaii to Jupiter 16. There is an unidentified object closing in on your fast from astern. Can you see it?
Flight Control: Hawaii from CapeCom. We have nothing here. Hold while we check the Space Track.
Hawaii: Hawaii to Jupiter 16. Repeat, Hawaii to Jupiter 16. There is an unidentified object on our scope closing fast.
Astronaut Chris: We see nothing. Can you give me a bearing?
Hawaii: Appears to be coming up fast from astern.
Astronaut Chris: Hey, now I see it. It’s another spacecraft! Repeat, it’s another spacecraft!

We see a giant silver pointed spaceship coming up fast behind them.

Flight Control: Chris, this is Flight. Does it look like a close pass?
Astronaut Chris: You’re breaking up, say again.
Flight Control: Repeat, does it look like a close pass?
Astronaut: Hey, Chris, what’s happening?
Astronaut Chris: Flight, it’s coming right at us. The front is opening up! I repeat, the front is opening up! It’s coming right at us!
Flight Control: Chris, get back in! Get back in! This is CapeCom, do you read me? You’re breaking up. Repeat, you’re breaking up.
Astronaut: Chris, what’s happening? Chris, what’s happening?

The silver spaceship has opened and is slowly swallowing the American capsule, with Astronaut Chris hanging outside. All of the various ground controls start speaking at once…

Various: Hawaii to Jupiter 16. Hawaii to Jupiter 16, are you receiving? You’re breaking up. Come in please, over. Jupiter 16… you’re breaking up. Over…. Hawaii… Are you receiving… Come in please… Over…. Jupiter 16…

Astronaut Chris: My lead line! It’s cut–

The silver ship closes it’s doors around the American capsule, snapping Chris’s lead line and stranding him in space.

Hawaii: Hawaii to Jupiter 16. Hawaii to Jupiter 16. Are you receiving me? Come in, please. Over.
Hawaiian Radar Guy: Hello, Houston. We’ve lost all radio contact. We’ve also lost him on the scope. Unidentified object is still orbiting. Alert all stations and track him closely.

Scene: In a frozen mountain wasteland, world leaders convene in a futuristic geodesic dome

American: It is ridiculous for the Soviet government to deny responsibility in this matter.
Russian: The Soviet government denies all knowledge of this affair. The world knows we are a peace-loving people.
American: I hereby give notice that in twenty days time, the United States intends to launch her next spaceship into orbit. My government has instructed me to inform you that any interference with this spaceship will be regarded as an act of war.
Englishman: May I ask what motive our Russian friends would have for wishing to destroy American spacecraft?
American: My government sees this as nothing less than a blatant attempt to gain complete and absolute control of space itself for military purposes.
Englishman: We don’t agree. Her Majesty’s government is not convinced that this intruder missile originated from Soviet Russia. Our tracking station in Singapore reported faint echoes of this craft coming down in the Sea of Japan area. Might I suggest, gentlemen, that this is where you should concentrate your intelligence forces? The prime minister has asked me to assure you that this is what we propose to do. As a matter of fact, our man in Hong Kong is working on it now…

Scene: In Hong Kong, James Bond is kissing a woman in bed

James: Why do Chinese girls taste different from all other girls?
Ling: You think we better, huh?
James: No, just different. Like Peking Duck is different from Russian caviar, but I love ’em both.
Ling: Darling, I give you very best duck.
James: Ooh, that’d be lovely. We’ve had some interesting times together, Ling. I’ll be sorry to go.

She stands and pushes a button, which causes the bed to fold up into the wall with James still inside. She then lets in two men with machine guns, who fire into the bed at point blank range. All three run out. Later, a Hong Kong police car pulls up and the policemen run inside. They secure the room.

Policeman #1: Take that door… The bed!

They pull it down and check James for signs of life. There are none.

Policeman #1: We’re too late.
Policeman #2: Well, at least he died on the job.
Policeman #1: He’d have wanted it this way.

We see a pool of blood on the sheets… which turns into the opening credits sequence. We see shots of lava boiling, Japanese woman, and shimmering fans.