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Scene: Osato Chemicals

James takes a taxi to Osato’s headquarters. He takes the lift up to the same floor he was on the previous night.

Girl: Mr. Fisher?
James: Yes.
Girl: This way, please.
James: Thank you.

She leads him to Osato’s assistant.

Man: Please come in, Mr. Fisher. Mr. Osato is expecting you.
James: Thank you.
Man: You are three and a half minutes early. Please be seated.

He leads James into the Osato’s office, which is the same room James fought in the night before. A secretary watches James via a secret camera, which James of course spots in the ceiling. James is amused to see the the statue’s head has now been repaired. Osato and Helga arrive via helicopter and enter the office.

Osato: How do you do, Mr. Fisher?
James: How do you do?
Osato: Miss Brandt, my confidential secretary.
Helga: Hello.
James: Hello.
Helga: May we offer you a glass of champagne, Mr. Fisher?
James: No, thank you, it’s too early in the morning for me.
Helga: You’re quite sure?
James: Quite sure.
Osato: I always take a glass in the morning. You should try it.
James: It’s bad for your liver, isn’t it?
Osato: Nonsense, it adds a sparkle to the day.
James: I’m sure it does.

James watches uncomfortably as Helga approaches the hidden bar where he stashed the man’s body last night. Luckily it is now empty.

Helga: A Dom Perignon ’59, Mr. Fisher. Are you really sure you won’t change your mind?
James: Well, if you insist.
Osato: Please be seated, Mr. Fisher.
James: Thank you.
Osato: So, you are the new managing director of Empire Chemicals?
James: Yes.
Osato: What happened to Williamson?
James: Williamson? Oh, yes! He died rather suddenly, poor chap.
Osato: Ah, so. From what?
James: He fell into a pulverizer at the works.
Osato: Ah, so. How shocking. A very honourable death, all the same.

Osato flips a switch on his desk, which allows him to see an X-ray view of James (and his gun).

James: Very. He gained great face with the company.
Osato: I hope you are not taking any risks yourself, Mr. Fisher.
James: Me? I never take any risks.
Osato: You forgive me for saying so, but… I think you are taking one now.
James: I am?
Osato: Mmm-hmm. You should give up smoking. Cigarettes are very bad for your chest.
Helga: Mr. Osato believes in a healthy chest.
James: Really?
Osato: Now then, you must tell me what I can do for you, Mr. Fisher.
James: Well, we’re interested in the bulk buying of fermentation chemicals. Monosodium glutamate and ascorbic acid.
Osato: Would you like a license to manufacture?
James: Yes, very much.
Osato: So, I’ll have my sales manager get the quotations and delivery dates for you as soon as possible. We’ll contact you later today at your hotel.
Helga: Which hotel are you staying at, Mr. Fisher?
James: The Hilton.
Osato: Goodbye, Mr. Fisher. A pleasure to meet you.
James: A pleasure to meet you too. Goodbye, Miss Brandt.
Helga: Goodbye, Mr. Fisher.

James leaves.

Osato: Kill him.

Scene: in front of Osato Chemicals

James walks out of the building, unaware that a man with a machine gun is in a car right behind him. Suddenly Aki roars up in her convertible.

Aki: Get down!

James ducks the bullets, then jumps in the car. Aki speeds off with the other car in hot pursuit. Aki uses the car’s videophone to call for help.

Aki: 294 here. Tiger, immediate.
Tanaka: Come in, 294.
Aki: Zero-zero is with me. We are being chased by gunmen in black sedan. I’m heading south for Highway Two. Arrange usual reception, please.