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Scene: small two-person aircraft

Helga is flying and James is in the backseat. Actually, Helga is applying makeup.

James: Now, you are going to need some very close… protection tonight in Tokyo because… well, that’s when they’ll try and get at you. You’ll need the best man we’ve got.
Helga: And who do you suggest?
James: Well, me.
Helga: I’m afraid I have another appointment tonight, Mr. Fisher.

She drops her lipstick compact, which explodes and fills the cabin with smoke. She pushes a button on the dash and a bar shoots out of the wall, pinning James’s hands down.

Helga: I’m awfully sorry to leave you, but I have to get off.

She opens the door and jumps out. As she parachutes to safety, James tries desperately to free his hands. The plane is diving towards the ground. At the last minute he manages to work free and pull the plane out of the dive. He skids in for a landing on the ground and then flees the plane as it explodes.

Scene: back at Tanaka’s house

Tanaka: Chasing girls will be the end of you, Bond-san, I have told you that before.
Aki: He didn’t chase her. He did it so I could get away. He wouldn’t touch that horrible girl. You wouldn’t, would you?
James: Oh, heaven forbid. Any progress?
Tanaka: Yes. We have identified the coastline in the photograph. It is an island called Matsu, and lies on the direct route between Kobe and Shanghai. We shadowed the Ning-Po in a helicopter.
James: Did it stop at the island?
Tanaka: I think so.
Aki: It was a very dark night. Impossible to see her all the time.
Tanaka: But we know she stopped somewhere. Look at these.
Aki: That one we took last night. And that one, early this morning. Notice, please, the water line.
James: You’re right. Fully laden here and empty here. I want to take a fast look at the island now. Has Little Nellie arrived yet?
Tanaka: Yes, and her father.
James: Good.

Scene: Tanaka’s garage

James walks in to see Q looking bothered.

James: Ah, welcome to Japan, Dad. Is my little girl hot and ready?
Q: Look, 007, I’ve had a long and tiring journey, probably to no purpose. I’m in no mood for your juvenile quips.

Four men carry in large cases that open to reveal mechanical parts.

Tanaka: I have much curiosity, Bond-san. What is Little Nellie?

Slowly the gyrocopter begins to take shape.

James: Oh, she’s a wonderful girl. Very small, quite fast. Can do anything. Just your type.
Tanaka: A toy helicopter?
Q: No, it’s certainly not a toy! You’ll see. We’ve made one or two improvements since you used her last. I’ll give you the drill.

They step outside to see Q’s “improvements”.

Tanaka: This can only be for children. Don’t use it, Bond-san. Take my helicopter instead.
Q: Right. Now pay attention. Two machine guns, fixed.
James: Synchronized to what?
Q: 100 yards. We’re using incendiaraies and high explosives. Two rocket launchers, forward-firing on either side.
James: Fine.
Q: Now, these fire heat-seeking air-to-air missiles. 60 a minute.
James: Good.
Q: Flame guns. Two of ’em. Firing astern.
James: What range?
Q: 80 yards. Two smoke ejectors next door to them. Aerial mines. Now remember, use them only when directly above target. That’s about the lot, I think. You know the rest, don’t you?
James: Yes.

James climbs aboard and Q hands him a helmet with a built-in camera.

Q: Cine camera.
James: Tanaka, listen in on 410 megacycles.
Tanaka: Good luck, Bond-san.
James: I’ll contact you when I get over the island.
Tanaka: Okay.
Aki: Be careful, Bond-san!

One of Q’s assistants starts the propeller, and James takes off over Tokyo. He heads down the coast to the island.

James: Hello, Base One. I’m over the island now; have seen the fishing village; nothing to report.
Tanaka: Roger, we’ll keep listening.

James flies over several volcanic craters, including one with a lake in the bottom.

James: Hello, Base One. There’s nothing here but volcanoes.
Tanaka: Understood. Carry on.