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The ninjas have managed to throw down ropes, and they begin sliding down before the crater closes completely. Guards begin shooting at them. All of them are killed within seconds. One of them is up in the rafters, though, and he places an explosive on the lake/roof. It explodes and creates a hold. Many more ninjas come through, including Tanaka and Kissy. Blofeld watches as full-scale war breaks out in the volcano. The ninjas are hurling explosives at the guards.

Blofeld: Close the shutters.

The shutters close.

Blofeld: We are now impregnable. Interception will take place in eight minutes. Nothing can prevent that.

More and more ninjas slide down into the volcano. Kissy manages to shoot a man before he shoots Tanaka. A ninja with a sword manages to take out, like, thirty henchmen. Several ninjas throw explosives up at the control room. One fires a rocket gun that manages to blow through the shutters.

James: Impregnable?
Blofeld: Come with me, Mr. Bond
Astronaut: (on intercom) Bird 1 to base. Locked on target.
Blofeld: Osato?
Osato: Yes, Number One?

Osato follows James and Blofeld. Hans follows them all with his gun drawn.

Engineer 1: Base calling Bird 1. You are to assume full control of operation from now on. Seven minutes to interception.
Astronaut: Roger, Base One.

Scene: Pentagon

Hawaii radar operator: (on intercom) Houston, this is Hawaii. We have an unidentified object on scope.
Army Man 1: Order first alert. Arm all weapons.
Hawaii radar operator: Interception will occur in six minutes.

Scene: Blofeld’s apartment

He opens a secret door in the wall, takes the gun from Hans, and turns to James and Osato.

Blofeld: This is the price of failure, Mr. Bond.

He turns and shoots Osato, who collapses.

Blofeld: Come on.

Blofeld forces James through the door. Meanwhile the battle rages on in the volcano. Tanaka and Kissy see Blofeld and James emerge from a tunnel. Blofeld hops on the monorail and points his gun at James.

Blofeld: Goodbye, Mr. Bond.

Tanaka throws a metal star at Blofeld, which strikes him the wrist. His shot goes astray and his gun falls. The monorail takes off. James picks up the gun and heads to his friends.

James: There’s an exploder button up in the control room. We’ve got to get up there.
Tanaka: Impossible. Too well defended.

Meanwhile, some of the explosives have breached the control room and it is now on fire.

Intercom: Evacuate the control! Evacuate the control!

The engineers all leave through Blofeld’s apartment. Hans runs into the empty control room and sees the SPECTRE craft opening to swallow the American one. Back in the volcano, James sees the escaping control room guys high up on a ledge.

James: Control room technicians. There must be another way up there.

He, Tanaka, and Kissy run through the middle of the battle and crouch behind some barrels.

James: Give me cover til I get to the staircase.

Tanaka lays down machine gun fire as James runs to the stairs. He picks up a grenade from a dead henchman and throws it up to the ledge to clear the way. He runs up the stairs and takes out a few more guards at the top (one with a throwing star!). James ends up in Blofeld’s apartment. Hans comes down to meet him, and a great fight ensues. James is getting the worst of it, with Hans throwing him all over the room. At one point, James manages to get the exploder button key from Hans’s belt. James runs to the bridge and Hans tackles him. James is off-balance and Hans goes to punch him over the edge, but James ducks and Hans’s momentum carries him over into the piranha lake.

James: Bon appetit.

James rushes up to the control room. The SPECTRE craft is about to swallow the American one.

Scene: Pentagon

Hawaii radar operator: (on intercom) Closing fast on our vehicle. Orbit identical.
Army Guy 1: All units stand by for codeword. Codeword is imminent.
Hawaii radar operator: I repeat, closing fast on our vehicle.

On monitors we see jets taking off to be ready in case war is declared.

Scene: back in the control room

James is having trouble opening the case around the exploder button. With five seconds to spare, he manages to get it open and hit the button. The SPECTRE ship immediately explodes.

Scene: Pentagon

Hawaii radar operator: (on intercom) It’s blown up! The enemy! I repeat, the enemy has blown up!
Army Man 1: All units will return to first alert. Codeword is not – I say again, not – imminent.