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Scene: James is dressed in a scuba suit and is being loaded into a torpedo tube

Torpedo operator: Stand by to load! … Lift to the launch! … Tube loaded. … Hubcap open. … Fire!

James is shot out and swims to the surface, emerging at a nearby beach.

Scene: Crowded, neon-filled streets of Tokyo.

As James walks to the appointed address, we see a Japanese woman following him. She speaks in Japanese into a microphone concealed in her purse. James finally comes to his destination, a sumo wrestling arena. He speaks in Japanese to someone and is directed into the wrestlers training room.

Wrestler: This is your ticket.
James: Thank you.

Another man directs James out to his seat. Hundreds cheer for the match. James notices a beautiful Japanese woman watching him. She climbs up to the seat next to him. They make tentative eye contact.

James: I love you.
Aki: I have a car nearby.
James: Oh, where do you suggest we go?
Aki: I know a quiet hotel.
James: And?
Aki: Where your friend is waiting. Mr. Henderson.
James: Wasn’t Mr. Henderson able to come himself?
Aki: I suppose not.
James: Why?
Aki: He didn’t say.

The match concludes.

James: Well, I think it’s about hotel time.

They rise and go out to Aki’s car.

Scene: the streets of Tokyo

As Aki drives, James notices the many high-tech modifications in the car.

James: How long have you worked for Henderson?
Aki: Long enough to learn not to discuss such matters with strangers.

Scene: hotel

They pull up to a hotel and both go inside. They take off their shoes and Aki leads him to a room.

Aki: Mr. Henderson’s waiting for you.
James: You’re not coming in with me?
Aki: Mr. Henderson would like to see you alone.

James knocks, and Henderson opens the door.

Henderson: Do come in.
James: Mr. Henderson?
Henderson: At your service.

James pulls his gun and shows it to Henderson. Henderson leads him inside the room, which is decorated in a combination of Japanese and English styles.

Henderson: I believe you wanted to ask me some questions.
James: Yes. Excuse me.

He grabs Henderson’s cane and whacks the man in the right leg with it. It makes a hollow smack that obviously indicates the man’s leg is false. James hands back the cane.

James: Thank you.
Henderson: I’m glad you got it right. I lost that in Singapore in ’42. Oh, you must excuse this rather odd mixture of styles, but I refuse to go entirely Japanese. Very fond of some of these old things. You’ve never been to Japan before, have you?
James: No, never.
Henderson: I myself have lived here for… 28 years. And I’m just beginning to know my way about. Your most vital contact will be Tanaka.
James: Tanaka?
Henderson: He’s head of the Japanese secret service. And his identity is the most closely guarded secret in Japan.
James: When can I see him?
Henderson: You can see Tiger tonight.
James: Tiger?

Henderson hands James a martini.

Henderson: His closest friends are permitted to call him that.
James: Do you have any leads of your own?
Henderson: Yes, I do. Oh, that’s stirred, not shaken. That was right…?
James: Perfect. Cheers.
Henderson: Cheers.
James: Russian vodka. Well done.
Henderson: Yes, I get it from the doorman at the Russian embassy. Amongst certain other things. Now look. I think London’s theory about the missile being fired from this country is right. I don’t know how or where. And don’t ask me who’s doing it, either. But I have a fairly shrewd idea that a major foreign power is behind it all.