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Scene: Pentagon

Flight Control: (on intercom) Washington, this is Houston. Houston to Washington. Our vehicle is now 120 nautical miles altitude, 170 miles downrange.

Scene: aboard the American craft Jupiter

Astronaut: Jupiter to Houston, we now have second phase.
Flight Control: Roger, Jupiter. We are now four hours plus 36 minutes into the mission. Can you give us a time, Mac?
Astronaut: Roger.

Scene: back in the volcano

James is still skulking as the rocket is made ready to launch.

Intercom: Connect igniter cable. Connect igniter cable.

James sneaks down onto the monorail and hides beneath a tarp. It drives off, and James gets his first view of the control room.

Intercom: Radar technicians, report to control room. Radar technicians, report to control room.

The monorail stops in front of the astronaut dressing rooms. The driver carries something into the first room. James gets a glimpse of the astronaut suiting up inside.

Intercom: T minus 100 minutes and counting.

James gets off the monorail and starts running, but stops when he hears an American voice nearby.

US Astronaut: Did you guys volunteer for astronaut training?
Russian Cosmonaut: In our country, we say cosmonaut. Yes, both of us… Yes, since six months we started training.

James sees that the prisoners are being held in a nearby cell. He peeks through the barred door.

James: Good evening.
US Astronaut: Who the hell are you?
James: Stand back, I’m gonna blow the lock.

They retreat while James puts some kind of explosive in the lock. It detonates and the door blows open.

James: Stand back.

The men stand back while SPECTRE henchmen run into. Quickly the henchmen are dispatched.

James: Get into their uniforms.

Scene: the ocean

Kissy is swimming back to Ama Island. She is spotted by the helicopter. They swing back around and point a spotlight towards here. She dives as they open fire with their machine guns. Satisfied, the helicopter flies off.

Scene: back in the volcano

Intercom: Astronauts have two minutes. Repeat, two minutes.

James leads two of the disguised good astronauts to the bad astronauts’ dressing room.

Intercom: Reserve astronaut to standby.

James and his men knock out the bad astronaut and his assistants. Back in the control room, Blofeld is in charge.

Blofeld: Lock on target.
Intercom: Lock on target vehicle. Check secondary guidance.
Engineer 1: Launch time is now T minus 90 minutes and counting.
Blofeld: Astronauts to launching pad.

James is now suited up in the SPECTRE astronaut’s suit.

Intercom: Astronauts to launching pad. Repeat, astronauts to launching pad immediately.

James’s men hook him up to his air supply, and then he heads out to the waiting monorail. They are driven around to the launching pad.

Intercom: Crews, stand by on gantry. Crews, stand by on gantry.

James and the other astronaut get in the elevator and are taken up to the rocket. Just as he is about to get in…

Blofeld: Stop that astronaut. Bring him to me.
Intercom: Stop that astronaut!
Blofeld: Summon the reserve astronaut.
Intercom: Reserve astronaut to launching pad immediately. Reserve astronaut to launching pad immediately.

James is led back down in the elevator.

Blofeld: Re-coordinate with target vehicle.
Engineer 1: A new update with target vehicle has been received from computers. We now have T minus seven minutes and counting.