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Scene: back in the volcano

James is coming down the stairs.

James: Tiger, we’ve done it.

Elsewhere, Blofeld jumps off his monorail and reveals a secret panel in the wall. He inserts a key and pulls a handle. Evidently this is a self-destruct mechanism, as the mai chamber begins blowing up.

James: Down the tunnel!

James, Tanaka, Kissy, and the remaining ninjas take off down the tunnel as it explodes around them. From outside, the volcano appears to erupt and lava begins flowing down the sides. James and the others make it to the gas-filled cave and jump in. They swim out to sea as the entire mountain begins to collapse.

Scene: the sea outside the cave

Two planes fly overhead and drop rafts down to the ninjas. James helps Kissy into his raft.

James: Steady.

They watch as the whole mountain explodes. Some time later…

James: Now… about that honeymoon.
Kissy: Why not? But they’ll never let you stay.
James: But they’ll never find us.

They begin to kiss. Suddenly the whole raft is lifted up as a submarine emerges from beneath them.

Scene: inside the submarine

Navy Guy: Dinghy’s on board, sir.
M: Tell him to come below and report.
Moneypenny: It’ll be a pleasure, sir.

We fade out on the submarine heading out to sea.