The Honeys updates

I’ve added a couple more programs for The Honeys, Dahl’s ill-fated play that only ran for 36 performances on Broadway. I’ve since learned that the script was rewritten and retitled “Your Loving Wife” for a UK production in 1956. That one didn’t fare much better though! I also found a cool Charles Addams advertisement from the Broadway production.

“The Amazing Eyes of Kuda Bux”

It’s not often I get to read a story by Roald Dahl that I’ve never read before! Recently I had that wonderful thrill though when I finally managed to track down a copy of Dahl’s 1952 essay “The Amazing Eyes of Kuda Bux” in an old magazine on eBay. I knew that Kuda Bux had been a real person, an Indian fakir who walked on fire and claimed to be able to see without his eyes. I knew that Dahl had written a “hard-to-believe true story” about Bux, and then twenty-five years later used him as inspiration for “The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar.” What I hadn’t realised though was just how much of “Henry Sugar” was already present in the earlier work. I’d estimate that 90% of the fictional account of Imhrat Khan’s life in “Henry Sugar” is reproduced nearly verbatim from the earlier essay. I’ve detailed the differences between the texts here if you’re interested. I guess the lesson is that Dahl didn’t hesitate at reusing and recycling earlier work when it suited him!

Roald Dahl’s Billy and the Minpins coming this autumn

Did you know that the title of The Minpins is changing? According to this blog post from, a new edition will be published in 2017 entitled “Billy and the Minpins.” The book will also feature illustrations by Quentin Blake for the first time ever.

Luke Kelly, Managing Director of the Roald Dahl Literary Estate and Roald Dahl’s grandson, said: “The Minpins was Roald Dahl’s final story for children and it is the only one his principal illustrator Sir Quentin Blake has yet to illustrate… The new title is drawn from the title Roald gave to an early draft of the story. We think it’s perfect as Billy is a quintessential Roald Dahl hero and deserves to be seen in the same light as Charlie, Matilda, James, Sophie and all the other child heroes readers around the world know and love.”

You can read more over at!

‘Way Out Introductions from Dahl

I just discovered that there are a few episodes from ‘Way Out available on YouTube! This playlist collects them all. I have used those videos to transcribe Dahl’s introductions and concluding remarks from ten of the episodes, which you can read through here.

Willy Wonka Prequel Film in the Works!

Wow. The news feeds are full this week with stories that the Roald Dahl estate is working with Warner Bros. to produce a new film about Willy Wonka. No, it’s not the official sequel Charlie and the Great Class Elevator. Instead it’s going to be a prequel story that comes before the events of the first book. It won’t be an origin story, but rather ” a standalone movie focused on Wonka and his early adventures”. The filmmakers are clearly trying to establish a Potter-like franchise, and they think Wonka could provide the hook.

Reaction seems to be mixed so far. Some fans are upset at this happening and feel it somehow insults Gene Wilder’s memory so soon after his death. Others are surprised that the notoriously picky Dahl estate would back the project.

I’m a little ambivalent about this one. Studios are rushing to establish franchises and “cinematic universes,” but I’m not sure if the Charlie books have enough world-building in them to support it. And unlike the Potter example, we don’t have Dahl himself around to bless the extended canon. The author of the initial Variety piece speculated on Twitter whether Dahl had any unpublished writing about Wonka the screenwriter will be able to use. I’d be surprised if that were the case. (The only scraps I’ve ever seen were from excised chapters and later sequels that never got finished.)

What do you think? Are you excited about this project or wary?

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Roald Dahl Day Book Cake

Wow! Check out this amazing Roald Dahl Dahl cake from wackywebsters.

The site is run by Jack Webster, an 18yo catering student in London. You can follow him on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook to see his amazing creations. He’s also raising money for Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Children’s Charity, so please donate if you’re able.

100 years of Dahl: Revisiting the magic of Matilda

Roald Dahl’s Matilda is smart, strong, kind, and fiery, but, more than that, an ordinary little girl with a love of reading and learning.

Source: 100 years of Dahl: Revisiting the magic of Matilda

Lovely article about Matilda and how the book touched the author’s life! I was honoured to be interviewed and have some of my quotes included as well.

Happy Roald Dahl Day!

Roald Dahl Day

Happy Roald Dahl Day! September 13, 2016 marks the 100th anniversary since Roald Dahl’s birth. The official Roald Dahl site has lots of information about the day and the many events and celebrations taking place. Don’t forget to check your local news too for events happening near you!