Roald Dahl

The BFG Quiz


Test your knowledge of giants, snozzcumbers, and Dream Country.
(Photo courtesy of OakleyOriginals.)

What time of night does Sophie first see the BFG?

The Creepy Hour

The Dead of Night

The Witching Hour

The Mysterious Moment

What kind of shoes did the BFG wear?

Sandals with holes

Leather boots

Running shoes

He’s barefoot

What is the only country that the people-eating Giants do not visit?





What is the BFG’s secret heart’s desire?

An elephant

To meet the Queen

A hi-tech dream factory

A garden of peachy fruits

Where does Sophie hide from the Bloodbottler?

In the BFG’s pocket

Behind a dream jar

In the BFG’s ear

Inside the snozzcumber

Which of these was NOT one of the people-eating giants?

The Manhugger

The Meatmasher

The Childchewer

The Butcher Boy

What is the Fleshlumpeater’s nightmare about?

Eating “human beans”

Jack the Giant Killer

Loathsome snozzcumbers

A Venomous Vindscreen Viper

Who do Sophie and the BFG ask for help?

The Queen of England

The President of the United States of America

The United Nations

Jack the Giant Killer

How are the Giants transported out of Giant Country?

On enormous trucks

The BFG carries them

Dragged behind tanks

Lifted by helicopter

According to the story, who wrote the book you’ve “just finished reading”?



Roald Dahl

The Royal Biographer


Oh dear! I think you’ve forgotten some of the story! Time for a re-read.

Full English Breakfast

Not bad. You can still do better though!


Congratulations! You are a Dahl trivia master.