The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me Quiz

The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me

Can you defeat the Cobra, the cleverest and most dangerous cat-burglar in the world? Take this quiz and find out!
(Photo courtesy of Cesar Gonzalez.)

What is a “grubber”?

A window washer

A street sweeper

A haunted house

A sweet-shop

What improvement was made to the house for the Giraffe’s benefit?

An extra-tall front door

A tinkle-tinkle tree orchard

Extra-high windows

Extra-long bathtub

What’s so special about the Pelican’s beak?

It can hold an unlimited amount of water

The top half can slide back into his neck

He can squirt water like a firehose

It’s blue

What’s the Monkey’s favorite food in the world?




Tinkle-tinkle flowers

Who hires the Ladderless Window-Cleaning Company?

Willy Wonka

The President of the United States

The Princess of Wales

The Duke of Hampshire

What is Billy’s job in the Company?

Soap mixer


Business manager


What did Henrietta do for a living fifty-five years ago?

Opera singer




Who does Pelly catch in his beak?

The Weasel

The Scorpion

The Mongoose

The Cobra

Why are “Devil’s Drenchers” unsafe for young children?

They make you sing like a bird

They stick in your jaw

They make your breath catch fire

They make smoke come out your nose

Where can Billy (and you) always look to find his friends?

In this book

In the phonebook

At the estate

In the zoo

Victor Hazell

Oh dear! I think you’ve forgotten some of the story! Time for a re-read.

Sergeant Samways

Not bad. You can still do better though!


Congratulations! You are a Dahl trivia master.