Boy – Tales of Childhood Quiz

Are you a true Dahl expert? Test your knowledge of Roald Dahl's childhood adventures!

Boy - Tales of Childhood Quiz

(Photo courtesy of Angelo Amboldi.)

1. Roald Dahl's father had an accident as a boy. What was the result?
2. What did the Thwaite boy tell young Roald that Licorice Bootlaces were made from?
3. What was the punishment for the Great Mouse Plot?
4. What did the doctor remove during young Roald's first operation?
5. How did Roald sign all his letters home?
6. What was poor Ellis in the sick room for?
7. What brand of tobacco was supposed to be in the ancient half-sister's husband's pipe?
8. At Repton, what was "Boazers" a slang term for?
9. Which chocolate company sent the boys new candy bars to test?
10. At the end of the story, where is Dahl headed?