Roald Dahl

Boy and Going Solo

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  • Published by:
    • Penguin, 1992, USA.
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Roald Dahl’s personal stories together in one edition!

Where did Roald Dahl get all of his wonderful ideas for stories? From his own life, of course! Boy includes tales of sweetshops and chocolate, mean old ladies, and the Great Mouse Plot. And then Going Solo tells of how, when he grew up, Roald Dahl left England for Africa and later went flying with the Royal Air Force.

Fun Stuff

Boy - Tales of Childhood Trivia Quiz
Boy – Tales of Childhood Trivia Quiz

Sotheby’s Dahl Auction 1997

Teacher Ideas

  • Boy – “Goat’s Tobacco” Activities
    • Includes a number of story analysis exercises pertaining to the “Goat’s Tobacco” incident
  • Boy – Book Review & Activity
    • Fun activity to help improve students’ ability to write with descriptive details that allow the reader to visualize in their head.
  • Boy – Unit Lesson Plan
    • Includes unit of instruction for 20 lessons, 5 lesson plans, condensed first lesson, autobiographical scaffold, and comparative question
  • Boy – Vague Pronouns
    • Students read and analyze a mentor text (an excerpt from the book), write their own narrative vignette, and analyze their use of pronouns in their vignette.
  • Quick Student Workbooks
    • Designed to get students thinking critically about the text they read and provide a guided study format to facilitate in improved learning and retention


Dutch Covers – Autobiografie – Boy en Solo

German Covers – Boy / Im Alleingang