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The Twits

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"Have there ever been two more wretched people than Mr. and Mrs. Twit? They're not just horrible, they're extra–specially horrible. Mr. Twit has a beard that houses every bit of moldy food that nearly made it to his mouth. Mrs. Twit has a glass eye which she likes to pop in her husband's beer, saying, "I've got eyes everywhere so you'd better be careful." But Mr. Twit can play tricks on his wife that are just as clever and nasty. The Muggle–Wump monkeys, stuck in a cage in the Twit's weedy, grubby garden, have been watching them play tricks on each other for years. Now Mr. Muggle–Wump has an idea for a trick of his own –– and he's going to make monkeys out of the Twits!"


Fun Stuff


Teacher Resources

  • The Twits
    • English Lesson Plan
      • Designed to teach creativity, writing, proofreading, literary analysis, teamwork, and more... Includes the best student work as an example (thanks Jordan and Kate!)
    • More Student Story Examples
      • Builds on ideas provided in Madonna Roderick's lesson plan
    • Show, Don't Tell
      • A writing activity where that asks writers to make use of both showing and telling as they create a well-organized paragraph of description.

Cover Illustrations

Click on any thumbnail to see the full–size version...

Cover Illustration     Cover Illustration     Cover Illustration
Knopf, 1981
[Buy this Book]
    Cover Illustration
Puffin, 1982
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    Cover Illustration
Skylark, 1985
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Cover Illustration
Puffin, 1991
[Buy this Book]
    Cover Illustration
Puffin, 1991
[Buy this Book]
    Cover Illustration     Cover Illustration
Puffin, 1998
[Buy this Book]
    Cover Illustration
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Cover Illustration
Knopf, 2002
[Buy this Book]
    Cover Illustration
Cape, 2003
[Buy this Book]
    Cover Illustration
Puffin, 2007
[Buy this Book]
    Cover Illustration
Puffin, 2009
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Norwegian Cover Illustration – "Dustene"

Cover Illustration


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