Dinner at the Twits

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  • Interactive theatrical dining experience produced by Les Enfants Terribles and ebp in association with Bompas & Parr and Creature of London
  • Productions:
    • World premiere at The Vaults, Waterloo, London, UK – September 4, 2016


From timeout.com:

Tuck into a Dahl-inspired banquet of horrors at this immersive dinner party

Roald Dahl was a master of creating fantastically grotesque, squirm-inducingly foul stories. And ‘The Twits’ has a solid claim to being the nastiest of all – the book’s monstrous couple dine out on bird pie, beard pickings and worm spaghetti.

All things considered, it doesn’t sound like ideal fodder for a pricey immersive dining experience. But hi-tech jelly makers and experimental chefs Bompas & Parr are teaming up with interactive theatre specialists Les Enfants Terribles (the wizards behind last year’s ‘Alice’s Adventures Underground’) to create what they’re calling ‘the worst dinner party in the world’ – and it sounds pretty special.

The adults-only event will feature a menu of gleefully grotesque treats, served up by Mr and Mrs Twit inside their windowless house. Chefs Bompas & Parr are promising that ‘squeamishness will give way to scrumptiousness’ – but if their foul creations stick in your throat, they’re serving up plenty of strong cocktails to wash it all down. Plus! Mr Twit’s Odious Ale – a beer made using yeast swabbed from Roald Dahl’s writing desk.

Cast and Crew

  • Mr. Twit: Christopher-Robert Barlow
  • Mrs. Twits: Lizzy Dive
  • Yollo: Alice Bounce
  • Booble: James Keningale
  • Rollo: Tom Moores
  • Producer: Emma Brünjes
  • Producer & Adaptor: Oliver Lansley
  • Producer: James Seager
  • Adaptor: Anthony Spargo
  • Director: Emma Earle
  • Designer: Samuel Wyer
  • Associate Director: Joe Hufton
  • Production Manager: Anthony Hollis
  • Sound Designer and Composer: Dom James
  • Lighting Designer: Ric Mountjoy
  • Hair and Makeup Designer: Megan Norris
  • Producers & Creators: Les Enfants Terribles
  • Producer & General Manager: ebp
  • Associate Producer: Creature of London
  • Culinary Directors: Bompas & Parr