The Twits – More Student Story Examples

These stories were sent in by Patricia Vargas, an English teacher in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She teaches at Saint Leonard’s College and her students have been working with the book “The Twits”. Her P3 students (fourth grade) have prepared these two chapters which they hope you enjoy. Thanks Patricia!

“The Twit’s Jokes”

Mrs. Twit remembered what Mr. Twit had done to her. Mrs. Twit made a cake for him and she put High-Tight Sticky glue inside the cake.

When Mr. Twit woke up, Mrs. Twit gave him a piece of cake. And when he was going to eat it, the cake got stuck on to his tongue. He started to make strange noises. Mr. Twit wanted to punish her, but he couldn’t because he couldn’t speak. Mrs. Twit laughed at the situation so Mr. Twit kicked her. Mr. Twit had an idea: he was going to buy some bugs. Later, Mr.Twit went to sleep. She found Mr.Twit’s bugs. One of the bugs went inside her pyjamas and bit her arm. Suddenly her body was covered with spots. It was all a mess!!

“Roly Poly Bird Gets Into Action”

One day, Roly Poly bird flew near the Twit’s house because it wanted to see the monkeys. Then, Roly Poly bird got into the house and went behind the sofa. He wondered “what is happening here?” Roly Poly bird heard the Twit’s arguing. Roly Poly bird saw Mrs. Twit hitting the baby monkey. Roly Poly bird flew away and sang. It made the baby sleep. The Twits fought, because they wanted to kill the monkey but Mr. Twit had a better idea: the idea was that Mr. Twit wanted to put some Coca Cola mixed with some pills inside a glass which would make Mrs. Twit faint. If she drank that, she would faint. But Roly Poly bird sang a song which made Mr. Twit fell asleep. Later, Roly Poly bird got into the house and took the baby monkey with its parents and lived happily forever after.