Roald Dahl

Revolting Rhymes

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  • First editions:
    • Alfred Knopf, 1982, USA.
    • Jonathan Cape, 1983, Great Britain.
  • Illustrated by: Quentin Blake
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Did you think Cinderella married the prince and lived happily ever after, or that the three little pigs outsmarted the wolf? Think again! Master storyteller Roald Dahl adds his own darkly comic twists to six favorite tales, complete with rambunctious rhymes and hilarious surprise endings.

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Sotheby’s Dahl Auction 1997


French Covers – Un conte peut en cacher un autre

Japanese Covers – へそまがり昔ばなし

Korean Covers

Norwegian Covers – Ramperim og ville vers

Spanish Covers – Cuentos en verso para niños perversos