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Plot Description

Spoiler warning! The poem starts out by telling us that the real version of the story is much gorier than the sanitized tale we’ve all heard. It starts out with the Ugly Stepsisters going off to the ball while Cinderella is locked in the cellar. The Magic Fairy hears her cries and grants her wish to attend. Cindy finds herself all dressed up and dancing with the Prince. At midnight she hears the clock and runs off, tearing her dress and losing a slipper. The Prince vows to marry the girl that fits the shoe. Unfortunately he sets it down and one of the Stepsisters flushes it down the toilet. Then she replaces it with her own shoe. The next day the Prince brings it to the house and she triumphantly shows him that it fits. Enraged, the Prince whacks off her head with his sword. “She’s prettier without [it],” he says. He cuts off the second stepsister’s head as well. Cindy hears the commotion and is horrified to learn that her Prince is so violent. Before he can cut offher head, the Magic Fairy appears and offers to grant Cindy one more wish. She says she’s had her fill of princes and money. She just wants a decent man. In the blink of an eye she’s married to a jam-maker and they live happily ever after.