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A few updates to the site today (in addition to the relaunch!):

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  1. Kristine –

    Great site!
    The 1973 revised edition of ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ is historically important because it constitutes the 1st Edition of the revised edition, with Dahl and Joseph Schindelman rewriting and re-illustrating portions of the original book to remove racial references.
    I believe that I have a copy of this 1st revised edition (unfortunately without the dustjacket), but exhaustive searches indicate that there is nothing out there re 1st Edition/1st Printing points to evaluate my book against.
    The booksellers that I have reached out to were clueless.
    I am wondering if you have any expertise in this area or can lead me in the right direction to obtain answers.
    I have the Alfred A. Knopf/a Borzoi Book issue (and not the later Knopf Books for Young Readers issues). On my copyright
    page, it simply lists the original Copyright of 1964 and a new Illustrations Copyright of 1973, the latter thus leading me to conclude that it is the 1973 edition.
    However, I found (only) two sellers on the Planet who claim that they have 1973 editions with a statement on the copyright page that theirs states a ‘Revised Edition 1973.’ One of them claims that there are 162 pages (whereas mine has 177), that there are lime-green endpapers (mine are plain), that there is a four-line colophon below the author’s bio (mine has no such thing), and so forth.
    Are they correct?…and if so, does that make my copy perhaps a 1973 1st revised edition but a later printing?…or worse, could I have a later year re-issue that is devoid of any such detail on the copyright (or title) page?
    This title is rife with misrepresention by many sellers who falsely claim later-year issues as being the first 1973 edition. Many even falsely claim that their 2014 commemorative edition is the 1973 deal.
    Further identifying features of my book are:
    – The covers are light pastelish beige with a faux leather cream spine wraparound.
    – The front cover has a full-paged chocolate-brown illustration of the Wonka Factory locked gate with a young boy looking in, with the title inside the gate and the boy’s cap both in purple.
    – The spine has a chocolate-brown title and author name at the top, which are separated by two ornate designs in purple.
    If you have any idea about price ranges, that would also really be appreciated. My book (again, without a dustjacket) is ‘Fine’. It would be ‘Brand New,’ save for a light bump at the left corner of the spine bottom, a tiny crease line at the very tip of the top corner of the front cover, and the barest possible hint of shelfwear at the right corner of the spine bottom. It is Unread & Unopened, with the tip of the last few pages still stuck together and waiting to be read for the first time.
    If you respond, please include a copy of this if you can. I would prefer that this be private between us.
    Again, salutations on your site and I deeply thank you for any assistance and/or direction.

    Cage Thomas

  2. Hi Cage – Thanks for the comment. First one on the new site! 🙂

    You’re right; the 1st revised edition is a special one. Unfortunately I don’t have it in my collection, and I haven’t been able to find any information about it either. I’ve just added a note on the book page for future researchers, and I’ll let you know if I ever get any answers about it.

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