My Visit to the Roald Dahl Children’s Gallery

Going upstairs!

Going upstairs! This quote appears on the wall near the Gallery staircase. Oh! And the nice girl taking tickets told me that people had been bringing in printouts of my page and that I was “quite famous” at the Gallery!

Don't be a Twit!

This funny display has holes you reach through to guess what objects are inside. Also note the furniture glued to the ceiling… Those silly Twits are still standing on their heads!

The Twits' Upside-Down Living Room

This is a close-up of the Twits’ upside-down living room on the ceiling. Even the book and the shoes are up there!

Optical displays

This room had a lot of optical displays and animation devices. The entire concept of the Gallery seemed to be combining a traditional children’s museum with Dahl’s stories and characters. Science made fun!

BBC Interviewers!

Back down in Matilda’s Library, I ran into David Erskine (my curator friend) with some BBC Radio Reporters. They wanted to interview me about my website! Here they are afterward discussing Dahl with David…

David Erskine

This is David again… Thanks so much for such a fun day!