My Visit to the Roald Dahl Children’s Gallery

Gift Shop

This is the Gallery Gift Shop, where (I’m rather embarrassed to report) I basically went nuts. Postcards, coffee mugs, stickers… You name it. I even asked whether the Gallery T–Shirts (clearly for little kids) came in adult sizes. The clerk laughed.

Postcard 1

This is one of the many postcards I purchased at the Shop. They’re pretty big, with bright colors and lots of writing space on the back.

Postcard 2

Some of the highlights of the ground floor: the Giant Peach, the BFG sound displays, and old English public school clothes (which the kids are wearing). You can also see David Erskine, one of the museum curators, on the left…

Postcard 3

I love the lower-right kid’s face. English kids are so cute! The little girl with the big ears is adorable too.

Postcard 4

This is the view looking up the main staircase. You can see the beautiful mobile in the center and the Roald Dahl quote on the back wall (more about that later)…

Postcard 5

Some of the upstairs highlights: the Twits upside–down furniture, the shadow machine, and some of the optical displays.

Postcard 6

Roald Dahl at work in his writing hut. You can see his famous Dixon Ticonderoga pencils, yellow legal pads, and favorite chair.


Why not print out your own copy of this bookmark? It’s really cool!!