Dirty Beasts

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  • Musical work commissioned by Roald Dahl Foundation in 2013
  • Composed by British composer Benjamin Wallfisch
  • Libretto by Donald Sturrock
  • Includes:
    • “The Porcupine”
    • “The Pig”
    • “The Anteater”
    • “The Toad and the Snail”
  • Performances:
    • World premiere at Royal Festival Hall, London, 2013
      • Conducted by Benjamin Wallfisch
      • Performed by London Philharmonic Orchestra

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Dirty Beasts is the newest of the Roald Dahl Orchestral Commissions and was first performed by the London Philharmonic Orchestra in 2013. Described as a “A major new name on the new music horizon” by Humphrey Burton (BBC Radio 3), Benjamin Wallfisch was the ideal choice to set these wonderfully whacky poems.

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