“The Porcupine”

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Plot Description

Spoiler warning! The narrator is a child that loves Saturdays because that’s when she receives her pocket money. On this Saturday she rushed into town and bought a bag of raspberry cream chocolates. Then she headed into the woods to find a secret place to eat her chocs. She saw a comfy looking little mount and sat down, only to find she had sat on a porcupine! She jumped up and screamed and ran all the way home. She had large wiry prickles sticking out of her bum. Her mother decided that they should go to Mr. Myers, the dentist, as he has the most experience pulling things out. At the dentist’s office, the girl is held down while Mr. Myers uses pliers to pull each prickle out. He charges the mother fifty guineas afterwards. At the end of the poem the girl says she’s learned that porcupines have quills to prevent people from sitting on them. “Don’t copy me. Don’t be a twit. / Be sure you LOOK before you SIT.”

Fun Stuff