“The Upsidedown Mice”

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  • “Sort of written out and illustrated by Anthony Maitland”
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Plot Description

Spoiler warning! An old man of 87 named Labon lived alone in a house that was infested by mice. Labon hatches a plan to get rid of the mice. He starts by gluing mousetraps to his ceiling and baiting them with cheese. The mice just laughed. Then Labon glued his furniture and carpet to the ceiling, with everything hanging upside-down. When the mice came out that night, they grew alarmed. “This is terrible!” said a very senior mouse with long whiskers. “This is really terrible! We must do something about it at once.” They decide to stand on their heads, and they all end up fainting due to a “rush of blood to their brains”. The next morning, Labon gathered up all the unconscious mice and popped them in a basket. “So the thing to remember is this: WHENEVER THE WORLD SEEMS TO BE TERRIBLY UPSIDE DOWN, MAKE SURE YOU KEEP YOUR FEET FIRMLY ON THE GROUND.”