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Scene: At night, William is drying some forks in the gipsy caravan he and Danny live in.

William: Right, now where did we get to?
Danny: (In pajamas in bed.) Where the Big Friendly Giant and how he could hear things…
William: Oh yes. (He sits on the floor near Danny’s bunk.) Your mother always loved stories about giants too. The Big Friendly Giant’s sense of hearing was absolutely fantastic. He would hear the tread of a ladybug (Danny plays with his father’s face during this) as she walked across a leaf. He could hear the whispering of ants, as they scurried about under the soil gossiping. See, my love, there’s a whole world of sound around us that we can’t hear. Because our ears–
Danny: Dad?
William: What?
Danny: That man…
William: Victor Hazell.
Danny: Do you think he’s going to do nasty things to us?
William: (Thinks for a second.) Yes, my love, he is.
Danny: He’s a millionaire, isn’t he?
William: Well, he’s what we used to call a ‘spiv’ in the War. While the rest of us were off fighting, he was busy making money off everyone else’s misery.
Danny: Is he a crook?
William: I suppose he is, sort of. But I reckons as though you and I are match enough for him. (Danny smiles.) Now sleep. First day of school tomorrow! (Makes face.) Yuck! (They both smile as William blows out the light and Danny snuggles under the covers.) Good night my darling. (Gives Danny a kiss.)

Scene: The sun is shining the next morning as William walks Danny to school. They stop and look offscreen as we hear hammering.

William: So he’s bought old Waddon’s small holding. (Shakes head.)

They continue as the camera pans and we see two men putting up another “HAZELL ESTATE” sign in a field.

Scene: The village is bustling. We see Mrs. Clipstone , the vicar’s wife (played by Ceri Jackson), pushing a large baby carriage through town as Danny and William pass.

William: Morning Mrs. Clipstone.
Mrs. Clipstone: Morning William. (William tips his cap.) Morning Danny.

We see Sergeant Enoch Samways (played by Jonathan Adams) climbing on his bicycle near the post office.

William: Morning!
Samways: Morning.
Man near post office: Lovely day.

Finally Danny and William arrive at the school.

William: (Pulling an envelope from his coat.) Danny, don’t forget to give this to Mr. Snoddy. It’s his bill for the tire.
Danny: Okay. (Starts to leave.)
William: And Danny…
Danny: Yep? (Returns so William can kiss him goodbye.) Bye.
William: See you for tea.
Danny: Yep.

Scene: Danny and his friend Sidney (played by Jonathan Leigh) walk together into the school.

Inside, Mr. Snoddy (played by Lionel Jeffries) opens a bottle of gin. Humming to himself, he pours some of the water from his pitcher into a vase of flowers and then tops up the pitcher with gin. In another room, the teachers lead the students in singing while Mr. Snoddy sneaks in late. Danny and Sidney are singing from the same book in the back. Captain Lancaster (played by Ronald Pickup) watches disdainfully as Mr. Snoddy fills his water glass from his pitcher. Danny and Sidney (and several other students) see him and giggle.

Mr. Snoddy: (After taking a drink.) Boys and girls, you’ve no doubt have noticed a new face here this morning. (Gesturing to Lancaster.)It’s my pleasure to introduce Mr. Lancaster.
Capt. Lancaster: Hrrrmmph. (Clears throat.)
Mr. Snoddy: Wha–? Oh. (To the class.) CAPTAIN Lancaster. (Smiles at Lancaster.) He’ll be taking the senior class. (Danny and Sidney share a look.) I’m sure you’d all like to give him a warm welcome.

The students look at each other uncomfortably and begin to clap.

Later, students are going to their classrooms as Danny digs through his bag for Mr. Snoddy’s bill. He grabs it and bursts into Mr. Snoddy’s office, where he catches the teacher with his gin bottle in hand.

Mr. Snoddy: Eh… Did you not learn to knock before entering a room, lad?
Danny: I’m sorry sir. I didn’t think you were here. My dad told me to give you this letter.
Mr. Snoddy: Ah, thank you. (Takes the letter then gestures to the bottle.) Uhh… I take a wee nip, just now and again. You understand.
Danny: Of course.
Mr. Snoddy: I mean, there’s no great secret about it. What I mean to say is that, um, uh… Nobody knows. (Touches nose.)
Danny: I won’t tell, I promise.
Mr. Snoddy: I’m sure you wouldn’t, I’m sure you wouldn’t. Ah, well, off you go then.

Danny leaves and heads back to his classroom. Captain Lancaster is at the blackboard with his back to the class. Danny quietly tries to sneak through the door without being seen. He waves to Sidney and heads to his seat.

Capt. Lancaster: (Without turning around.) BOY! (The entire class turns to look at Danny.)
Danny: (Tries to speak but words don’t come out.) Yes?
Capt. Lancaster: (Finally turns around.) You’re late.
Danny: Sorry, sir.
Capt. Lancaster: Name?
Danny: Danny, sir.
Capt. Lancaster: I asked for your name, boy.
Danny: Smith, sir.
Capt. Lancaster: Well, Smith. Do you know, if there’s one thing I hate more than a boy who’s late, is a boy who attempts to sneak, creep into my classroom like a nasty little snake. Do you understand?
Danny: Yes, sir.
Capt. Lancaster: Now get to your place, on the double. (Danny runs to his seat.) Now, as it’s the first day of term, I’m prepared to be lenient. (Lancaster walks back to the front of the class and picks up a ruler off his podium.) But, I want to make one thing very clear. I will not tolerate any breaches of the school rules. Punctuality, order, discipline… (He walks towards Danny.) That’s what I demand. And I know how to get it. (Gestures with ruler towards Danny’s hand.)