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Scene: Back at the garage, the pheasants are waking up.

Doc: Oh my! Oh, they’re waking up. The pills seem to be wearing off. (Hundreds of birds are coming out of the garage.)
Danny: Dad, they’ll shoot them!
William: They’ll shoot us too Danny if they spot where the birds are coming from.

The three of them try to keep the birds from flying off, but it’s impossible.

William: Get ‘im, Danny. Get him.

Nearby, the keepers have seen the birds in the sky.

Keeper: (Pointing.) Pheasants!

They get Hazell and rush off to the garage. The truck and the Rolls Royce knock Sergeant Samways off the road. He gets up and composes himself. Meanwhile, all the rich shooters have joined the chase as well. There’s a line of Rolls Royces roaring through the village. They all pull up at the garage, where there are still pheasants walking around. Hazell gets out of the car.

Hazell: (Brushing a pheasant off the hood.) Get off the paint.(Addressing William.) Well, well, well. I’ve got you this time.

Sergeant Samways has arrived.

Samways: Hazell. You’re in for it now, my lad. Dangerous driving, driving without due care and attention…
Hazell: Ah, Sergeant. The very man I wanted to see.
Samways: Hmm?
Hazell: Why don’t you do something useful for a change and arrest this man?
Samways: Arrest him? What for?
Hazell: Don’t pretend to be more of a fool than you are. For stealing my pheasants. Enough evidence, isn’t there?
Samways: (Looks down at the birds by his feet.) Are you claiming these birds is your birds, sir?
Hazell: Of course they’re my birds, you blockhead.
Samways: I’m not so sure about that, sir.
Hazell: You’re not so sure about that. Well, who else’s bloody birds would they be?
Samways: Language, sir! (Mrs. Clipstone covers Danny’s ears.)Please. At the present moment, sir, these birds is on Mr. Smith’s land. In which case, these be Mr. Smith’s birds. That’s the law.
Claybury: Not doubt about it. He’s quite right. It’s the law!
Hazell: What?
Tallon: Mr. Smith? (Beckons William to the side.)
William: Yes?
Tallon: Am I to understand that you still own this land?
William: I certainly do.
Tallon: I see. My name is Charles Tallon… (Hands William a business card.) The Premiere Building Corporation. If you’re thinking of selling…
William: Which I’m not.
Tallon: I didn’t think you were. I’m afraid the deal’s off Hazell. And something tells me that you won’t be building your new town here.
Claybury: (Shocked.) New town!? (Collective gasp.) Hazell, what–
Hazell: Shut up, you doddering old fool! Blast you. (The villagers begin to laugh.) Blast you all!

Hazell gets in his car and drives off.

Doc: Excuse me, I… We don’t understand.
Tallon: Well, it’s quite simple. Hazell was never interested in pheasants or shooting. He was going to use the whole of his estates for a new town. Luckily for you, Mr. Smith here seems to have saved the day.
William: Not me, Danny. If he hadn’t rescued me from the wood, Hazell would’ve forced me to sell the land.
Doc: Yes, I rather think he would, wouldn’t he?
Claybury: Then it’s three cheers for Danny! Hip hip…
Crowd: Hooray!
Claybury: Hip hip…
Crowd: Hooray!
Mr. Snoddy: God bless you, Danny boy.
Claybury: Hip hip…
Crowd: Hooray!

The crowd sing “For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow” as the credits roll.