Roald Dahl

Tales of the Unexpected

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  • First editions:
    • Penguin, 1979, Great Britain.
    • Michael Joseph Ltd., 1979, Great Britain.
    • Vintage, 1979, U.S.A.
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This collection showcases sixteen of Roald Dahl’s finest tales, taken from Kiss Kiss and Someone Like You. There are tales of the risk-takers, such as the man who wagers his daughter’s hand in marriage to a wine connoisseur, or the traveller who throws himself overboard on a cruise liner to win a bet. Here too is the understated cruelty of “Edward the Conqueror,” in which a mysterious cat seems to threaten domestic life, or the innocuous-seeming “Landlady,” whose guests stay for longer than they intend. Not forgetting the satisfyingly shocking tales of revenge, such as “Nunc Dimittis” or “Lamb to the Slaughter.”

Teacher Ideas


Catalan Covers – Històries imprevistes

Czech Covers – Příběhy nečekaných konců

Russian Covers – Абсолютно неожиданные истории