Tales of the Unexpected

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Information on identifying editions is from Richard Walker’s “Roald Dahl – A Guide to Collecting His First Editions”.

  • First editions:
    • Random House/Vintage, 1979, USA.
      • To identify: Published in soft cover with a ‘First Edition’ statement and not priced.
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This collection showcases sixteen of Roald Dahl’s finest tales, taken from Kiss Kiss and Someone Like You. There are tales of the risk-takers, such as the man who wagers his daughter’s hand in marriage to a wine connoisseur, or the traveller who throws himself overboard on a cruise liner to win a bet. Here too is the understated cruelty of “Edward the Conqueror,” in which a mysterious cat seems to threaten domestic life, or the innocuous-seeming “Landlady,” whose guests stay for longer than they intend. Not forgetting the satisfyingly shocking tales of revenge, such as “Nunc Dimittis” or “Lamb to the Slaughter.”


Catalan Covers – Històries imprevistes

Czech Covers – Příběhy nečekaných konců

Russian Covers – Абсолютно неожиданные истории