The Enormous Crocodile Quiz

Are you smart enough to foil the Enormous Crocodile's Secret Plans and Clever Tricks? If you score 100% on this quiz, you can get your name on the Trivia Master Board!

The Enormous Crocodile Quiz

(Photo courtesy of Leszek Leszczynski.)

1. The Notsobig Crocodile doesn't eat children. What does he eat instead?
2. How does the Enormous Crocodile get Trunky the Elephant's attention?
3. What does Muggle-Wump the Monkey prefer to eat?
4. Where is the Roly-Poly Bird building its nest?
5. What does the Enormous Crocodile pretend to be in his first Clever Trick?
6. Who saves Toto and Mary?
7. What piece of playground equipment does he impersonate in his second Clever Trick?
8. Who wants to ride on the "funny old wooden crocodile"?
9. Where does the Enormous Crocodile go for Clever Trick Number 4?
10. What happens to the Enormous Crocodile at the end of the story?

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