Flights of Fantasy Text

Flights of Fantasy

Full Circle is a group of artists working in textile related arts. The group originally came together through Continuing Education classes at Missenden Abbey, in Buckinghamshire. They have been involved in a wide range of teaching and educational experiences which have a common focus on modern creative textiles. Their first joint exhibition took place at the County Museum in August 1995 and most members of the group exhibit their work through the County and beyond.

In the exhibition Flights of Fantasy, the pieces have been specially created with Roald Dahl in mind. Although not taken directly from his images, the group has used his stories to provide a platform to explore the strange and dream-like experiences touching both the macabre and the beautiful which his vivid imagination evokes. Birds, flight and avian forms have been, as they are in Dahl’s writing, a major element in the individual responses which run throughout the exhibition.

There are opportunities for children of all ages to don masks created by Full Circle and become moving components of the exhibition. Adult workshops, demonstrations and storytelling for all ages will be running in conjunction with the exhibition.