The Magic Finger

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  • Adapted by David Wood
  • Published by:
    • Samuel French Ltd.
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People familiar with Roald Dahl’s imaginative, whimsical and fantastical classics will love The Magic Finger, an adventure about a girl with special powers. When Lucy senses injustice, she gets angry and when she gets angry her Magic Finger heats up and then, well, ANYTHING can happen. When Lucy gets upset with her best friend William and his family for shooting ducks for sport, she points her Magic Finger at them and turns them all into bird-size people while the ducks become the size of humans. Lucy’s indignation turns the world into a place where the powerless are in charge and the powerful are taught a very big lesson. Playwright, David Wood’s adaptions of the works of Roald Dahl have entertained and delighted audiences for years, and with The Magic Finger Wood brings another stellar Dahl story to life on the stage.