“My friends, this is the Centipede, and let me make it known…”

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Spoiler warning! James recites this song to introduce each of his companions to the people of New York. The Centipede, he says, is so gentle and sweet that the Queen of Spain has had him over to babysit. The Earthworm is a wonderful digger and would be great for excavating subway tunnels. The Grasshopper loves to play music and play with children. The Glow-worm would provide light without need of electricity. Miss Spider weaves thread and would never have frightened Miss Muffet away. The Ladybug is beautiful and kind and has many children back home that are coming on the next peach. The Silkworm makes the best silk and personally wove the Queen of England’s wedding dress. The cops and people of New York all cheer and welcome James and his friends to the city.