The Enormous Crocodile

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Information on identifying editions is from Richard Walker’s “Roald Dahl – A Guide to Collecting His First Editions”.

  • First editions:
    • Knopf, 1978, USA.
      • Illustrated by: Quentin Blake
      • To identify: Used a number line and a jacket priced at $4.95
    • Jonathan Cape, 1978, UK.
      • Illustrated by: Quentin Blake
      • To identify: Used standard statement (‘First published’ followed by the date with later printings stated underneath) and published without a jacket and not priced (it is possible to find a sticker on the back panel marked: J.CAPE/£2.95 net/(line)/In U.K. Only)
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Important note: From 2022 onwards, Puffin has edited selected Dahl books to remove sensitive language and insert new sentences not written by Dahl. If you would prefer to read the original text, ensure you get a copy published before 2022 or one of the “Classic Collection” published by Penguin.


The Enormous Crocodile is a horrid greedy grumptious brute who loves to guzzle up little boys and girls. But the other animals have had enough of his cunning tricks, so they scheme to get the better of this foul fiend, once and for all!


  • “Paradoxes” by Mary Kenny from the December 16, 1978 issue of The Spectator (UK) (read online)
  • “A Dastardly Crocodile” by Belle Alderman from the July 14, 1979 issue of The Canberra Times – Canberra, Australia (read online)

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Penguin Readers is an ELT graded reader series for learners of English as a foreign language. Simplified story texts are combined with beautiful original illustrations for students aged 7 and above.

Bulgarian Covers – Огромният крокодил

Chinese Covers

Dutch Covers – De Reuzenkrokodil

Estonian Covers – Koletu Krokodill

French Covers – L’énorme crocodile


Norwegian Covers – Den Kjempestore Krokodillen

Russian Covers – Огромный Крокодил

Slovakian Covers – Obrovský krokodíl

Slovenian Covers – Gromozanski krokodil

Spanish Covers – ¡Qué asco de bichos! El cocodrilo enorme

Welsh Covers – Y Crocodeil Anferthol