Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Stories to be Read With the Door Locked

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  • Published by:
    • Random House, 1975, USA.
  • Also contains:
    • “Hijack” by Robert L Fish
    • “Tomorrow and Tomorrow” by Adobe James
    • “Funeral in Another Town” by Jerry Jacobson
    • “A Case for Quiet” by William Jeffrey
    • “A Good Head for Murder” by Charles W Runyon
    • “The Invisible Cat” by Betty Ren Wright
    • “Light Verse” by Issac Asimov
    • “The Distributor” by Richard Matheson
    • “How Henry J Littlefinger Licked the Hippies Scheme to Take Over the Country by Tossing Pot in Postage Stamp Glue” by John Keefauver
    • “The Leak” by Jacques Futrelle
    • “All the Sounds of Fear” by Harlan Ellison
    • “Little Foxes Sleep Warm” by Waldo Carlton Wright
    • “The Graft is Green” by Harold Q Masur
    • “View by Moonlight” by Pat McGerr
    • “Ther Hangs Death!” by John D MacDonald
    • “Lincoln’s Doctor’s Son’s Dog” by Warner Law
    • “Coyote Street” by Gary Brandner
    • “Zombique” by Joseph Payne Brennan
    • “The Pattern” by Bill Pronzini
    • “Pipe Dream” by Alan Dean Foster
    • “Shottle Bop” by Theodore Sturgeon
    • “The Magnum” by Jack Ritchie
    • “Voices in the Dust” by Gerald Kersh
    • “The Odor of Melting” by Edward D Hoch
    • “The Sound of Murder” by William P McGivern
    • “The Income Tax Mystery” by Michael Gilbert
    • “Watch for It” by Joseph N Gores
    • “The Affair of the Twisted Scarf” by Rex Stout
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