Combined Walking Stick and Trug

Combined Walking Stick and Trug


‘One of my husband’s hobbies is mushrooming. He really loves it. Gumboots on, taking a basket, walking stick and Chopper – our Jack Russell, off he goes. We have a marvellous field above our orchard and early in the morning, hidden amongst the grass and cow–pats these little white jewels glitter.He has one problem: his bad back and hip–replacements make bending very difficult. But for mushroom nothing is too difficult.’

[Memories of Food at Gipsy House, Viking, 1991 and later in paperback re–titled The Roald Dahl Cook Book.]

Roald Dahl
Late nineteenth–century combined walking stick and trug
used by Roald Dahl for mushroom–picking
hickory shaft and beech trug
Height: 88 cm

Photograph of Roald Dahl at Gipsy House peeling mushrooms.
Reproduced in Memories of Food at Gipsy House.
Photographer: Jan Baldwin

Sold with photograph.

Roald Dahl was very fond of mushroom picking and used this mushroom basket as he walked the fields around his house.