9 thoughts on “Whiz-Banger Mental Maths Games”

  1. I have lost the instruction sheet for this game, how can I obtain another copy?

  2. Hi,
    I’ve lost the instructions to the mental maths games. How do I get a copy?

  3. I have lost the instruction sheet for this game(whiz banger mental maths games ,ages5-12), how can I obtain another copy?could you pls send me a copy of the instructions.

  4. Did anyone get an answer on how to get the instructors? I have the same issue.

  5. I’m also missing the instruction. I found another game which I’m guessing has exactly the same rules – Gangsta Granny’s Mental Maths Games, also by Lagoon. It has the same set of cards and the same description “A collection of fun mental maths games where players add, subtract or multiply to get the highest possible scores” and “10 different games”. Instructions for that game can be found here:


  6. Hi. I lost instructions for Splendiferous Spelling Games Roald Dahl. Does anyone know where I can find them online? Thanks.

  7. Hi all – I’ve bought tip toppling times tables and it arrived fully without the instructions!

    I can’t find anywhere online and am at a total loss 🙁

    Does anyone know how to play it or could anyone send me a picture of the instructions?

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