The Magical World of Roald Dahl (#37)

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  • This magazine was published fortnightly in the UK by Eaglemoss Publications starting in 2005.
  • Contents:
    • “Terrific Tale – The Magic Finger” – Meet the girl whose magical powers have some freaky results on her neighbours! (from The Magic Finger)
    • “Behind The Book – High in the Sky” – So what inspired Roald Dahl to write The Magic Finger? Find out here
    • “Amazing Art Class – Draw the Girl” – Sparks will fly when you get your drawing gear out to sketch this picture
    • “The Roald Dahl Story” – The Middle of Nowhere – Roald Dahl and his fellow trainee pilots are sent to an air-base in a desert
    • “Get Whizzily Busy – Chocolate Bird Nests” – These tasty treats are perfect for parties, so get that apron on!
    • “Get Whizzily Busy – Wondrous Wings Trick” – Create a tremendous trick that will give a boy wings in one swift move
    • “Fantastic Fact File – Wonderful Wings” – Heaps of fabulous facts about a whole load of crazy creatures with wings
    • “Phizz-Whizzing Puzzles – Brain Swellers” – A whole new batch of phizz-whizzers to get your mind in motion
    • plus more
  • Comes with Duck Hunter Charm