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The Minpins

Information   Description   Reviews   Cover Illustrations   Norwegian Cover Illustration


  • First editions:
    • Viking, 1991, USA.
    • Jonathan Cape Ltd., 1991, Great Britain.
      • Illustrated by Patrick Benson
  • Awards:
    • Winner, 1991 Redbook Children's Picture Book Award
    • An American Bookseller "Pick of the Lists"
  • Audio Books:


"The Minpins" is the story of Little Billy, who escapes his over-protective mother to explore the world beyond the garden gate. Beyond the gate lies The Forest of Sin. Tempted by the Devil, no less, Billy stays into the forest, where he meets the Minpins – tiny people who live within the hollow trees. The Minpins tell Billy about the Red-Hot-Smoke-Belching-Gruncher, who preys on them. Billy embarks on a mission to rid the Minpins of their foe once and for all and sets off, on the back of a swan, to confront the Gruncher. [from]


Cover Illustrations

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Cover Illustration
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    Cover Illustration
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Norwegian Cover Illustration – "Bittesmäene"

Cover Illustration


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