“Pig” – Classroom Activities

These exercises were sent in by Frankie Meehan, an ESL Teacher at United World College of SE Asia, Singapore. If you have any questions, please email him at fme@uwcsea.edu.sg. Thanks Frankie!

NOTE: Any page numbers below refer to A Second Roald Dahl Selection: Eight Short Stories, Longman, 1987. You may need to change them to reflect the particular version of the story you’re using.

Section 1

1. Which statement is TRUE? (Circle your answer.)

a) Lexington’s parents were Scottish.
b) Lexington’s parents went to a restaurant the day he was born.
c) Lexington’s parents never let him out of their sight.
d) Lexington’s father was very proud of his wife.

2. Which statement is FALSE? (Circle your answer.)

a) Lexington’s mother spent about 7 days in hospital after the birth.
b) Lexington’s father was drunk after the visit to the restaurant.
c) The policemen thought Lexington’s parents were burglars.
d) Lexington’s parents were shot dead by the policemen.

Section 2

3. Which statement is TRUE? (Circle your answer.)

a) Only Great Aunt Glosspan was willing to look after Lexington.
b) The relatives all wanted to look after Lexington.
c) Great Aunt Glosspan was a heavy drinker.
d) Lexington went to live in New York City.

4. What do we learn about Great Aunt Glosspan?

Marital status
Experience of Childrearing

Section 4

5. Why did Aunt Glosspan not send Lexington to school?

Section 5

6. What was Lexington’s best subject when Aunt Glosspan taught him?

Section 6

7. Where was Aunt Glosspan buried?

Section 7

8. What is your opinion of Mr Zuckermann? Explain your answer.

Page 14

9. What is surprising and amusing about Lexington’s reaction to the food in the restaurant?

Page 15

10. Why do you think the waiter “seemed reluctant to move any closer”?

Page 15-16

11. Find seven words which mean the opposite of pleasant…

Page 15-17

12. How much money did Lexington give away in the restaurant?

Page 18

13. What is unusual about the guided tours of the packing-house?

Page 19-20

14. a) What is shocking about the treatment of the pigs?

b) What is the guide’s opinion of this treatment?

Page 20-21

15. How do you feel about the conclusion of the story?

a) It is horrific.
b) It is amusing.
c) It is both horrific and amusing.

Explain your answer.

16. Do you think the author wanted to teach us something, or was the story just meant to entertain us? Explain your answer.