James and the Giant Peach – Peachy Ideas

In October 1999 I received an email from Marsha Carr, who teaches 4th grade Reading at St. Benedict School in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. Listed below are some of the peachy activities Marsha came up with for her students. Thanks Marsha!

“My class starts out every September with ‘James and the Giant Peach’ mostly because Chambersburg Peaches are so plentiful. They are huge… Each student gets one to feel, smell, eat, slurp… and find the ‘stone’ in the center… and from there our journey begins! Lots of fun stuff in between; the kids come up with lots of the ideas. We end the story with a ‘Peach Party’: scented candles, peach tableclothes, plates, balloons, peach water, peach pie, peach candy – you name it! It’s all tied in to Open House. The parents and kids love it!”