Grade 2/3 Class Study

In August 1999 I received an email from some elementary school students learning about Roald Dahl. Miss Neal and Miss Mathers have come up with some great ideas to get their grade 2/3 students interested in reading. Here are some of the kids’ impressions so far, as well as a recap of the activities they’ve done.


I liked all of Roald Dahl books, but my favouite is The BFG. I like The BFG because once we did Hot seating in class and I got to be Sophie. – From Ashlee

I like the Witches the best. When Bruno Jenkins is a little fat mouse is my favourite part. – From Jake

I like best of all George’s Marvellous Medicine. The best bit about it is where the Grandma grew bigger. – From Meegan

I think that Roald Dahl is a very good writer. I like The Witches because it is very scarey! – From Jess

I like The Twits because they are funny and they are mean to each other! And they are really funny. – From Rebecca

I like the Witches the best because the boy got turned into a mouse. I didn’t like the Grand High Witch because she was ugly. – From Robert

Roald Dahl is a nice writer. he is very famous. All is good books are well written. He takes care with his writing. He is nice. – From Stevee

My favouraite book by Roald Dahl is The Witches. George’s Marvellous Medicine is also my favourite. – From Damian

I like The Witches. How long did Roald Dahl write books? – From Kirstie

I like George’s Marvellous Medicine. I think that Quentin Blake is a good illustrator. Roald Dahl is a good author. – From Rebekah

My favourite book by Roald Dahl is The BFG. – From Mitchell

My favourite book is The Witches. I like the characters that Roald Dahl has in his books. – From Sheree

I like George’s Marvellous Medicine because I liked it when George’s Grandma grew and made a hole in the roof. – From Stacey

My favourite book is Fantastic Mr Fox – I liked this book because Mr Fox lives underground and he is good at stealing things and that’s all. – From Kai

I like the Witches because the Grand High Witch is really scary and and I enjoyed listening to it. – From Bradley

I like Fantastic Mr Fox because he dug big tunnles and tricked people to get food. The Witches is good because they turn people into mice and that was funny. – From Jackson

My favourite book is the BFG. I like this book because it is about a giant and a girl and I like their adventures. – From Stuart

My favourite book is The Witches when Bruno eats six chocolate bars and one of the chocolate bars made Bruno into a mouse. – From Mark

I like The Witches because if you are a witch you would have a smile on your face. – From Courtney

My favourite book is George’s Marvellous Medicine because I liked it when George’s grandma grew bigger. – From Emma

I like The Witches because of the ugly grand high witch and because they were so bold. Some parts were funny like when the witches were smelling out the boy and he smelled like dogs droppings! – From David

I like The Witches best because I like the Grand High Witch. – From Christopher

My favourite book as The Witches because when she takes her mask off she looks weird. I think that it is funny when all the witches turn into mice. – From Alice

I like all of Roald Dahl’s books, but my favourite two are The Witches and George’s Marvellous Medicine. I liked George’s Marvellous Medicine because of George’s very clever little brain! – From Kylie

I liked Fantastic Mr Fox the best because I think that Mr Fox is really clever. – From Jhy

My favourite book is The Witches because I liked the characters, they were all really good. I also liked The Twits, my favourite part was when they got stuck on the ceiling! – From Gina

We have been doing lots of very fun activities. We wrote dream recipes for the BFG. Some of us wrote Golden Phizzwizards and others wrote really disgusting Trogglehumpers!! We also wrote letters to Mr Wonka asking if we could visit his chocolate factory. We role played various characters from Roald dahl’s stories. Muddle Wump, Sophie, the BFG, Bruno Jenkins, Grandma (from the Witches) were all role played by members from our class. It was hilarious! We will write to you again soon and share some of our work.

Thank you for reading our letters,
From 2/3 students and Miss Neal and Miss Mathers