Fantastic Mr. Fox – Comprehensive Unit Plan

These activity ideas were sent to me by Heather Brolick, a student teacher working with a gifted third-grade class in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Any questions can be directed to her by email at Thanks Heather!

Map Making: a following-directions/social studies activity
“I will give the kids directions and they will have to draw the map based on my instructions. For instance, the fox hole is southwest of Farmer Bunce’s house and Bunce’s house is 20 feet from Farmer Boggis. Stuff like that… After they construct the map, the kids can even make up problems for each other and try to figure out where you would end up. For example, if you go 10 from Boggis’ house and then west, where would you end up?”

Story Problems:
“I have made up three different in-depth story problems that have to do with the book. The kids will have to use their reading comprehension as well as math thinking skills to figure out the problem. I will have the students do this by Think, Pair, Share. First they think about the problem and devise a plan, then they meet with a partner to collaborate ideas, then we share our ideas and methods as a whole class. This fosters multiple methods to an answer and critical thinking skills.”

The Letter Writing:
“I will have them write a letter to you [since they can’t write to the author] and tell about themselves, what they thought of the book, and so forth. We will be practicing letter writing skills.”

“This will involve higher level essay questions. For example, if you were Mr. Fox what would you do in this situation?”

Story Map:
“Outlining the different parts of the story as a class as we read the book.”

Other Ideas:
Reader’s Theatre, book reports, special projects, etc.