Fantastic Mr. Fox – Classroom Ideas

These activity ideas were sent to me by Karen from Canada. Thank you, Karen!

  1. 2 circle or 3 circle Venn diagram comparing 2 or 3 of the farmers.
  2. List character traits/facts in fact boxes: i.e. turkey and apple farmer, dwarf, shoots Mr. Fox, cleverest farmer. I usually list 20 traits/facts in fact boxes and have students cut them out. Then they sort and place under the character they feel the fact/trait matches (lots of language!!).
  3. Problem/solution chart: have students predict solutions to the problems the fox family faces before they read how problems are solved in the novel.
  4. Readers Theatre: have students read to the performance level an excerpt from the novel. Usually works well if it’s a conversation between 2 animals.
  5. Mrs. Fox says that Mr. Fox is ‘fantastic’. Do you agree or disagree with this? Explain your thinking.
  6. Make a moving story line: 2 pieces of large paper stapled together around the perimeter. Draw settings from the story and make main characters. Using sharp scissors, cut a slit to show the movement of characters from one setting to another. Move characters around and tell one part of the story orally.