The BFG – BFG Math

This idea was sent to me by Suzy, a teacher for gifted 5th graders. Thanks Suzy!

I have an idea to contribute to your BFG page.

I have gifted 5th graders, and we are making furniture out of clay for Sophie, the BFG, and the other giants, but instead of using the measurements from the book, we are measuring our classroom furniture and one another.

First we found the average height of a 5th grader was 5′.

Next we figured that the BFG is 4.8 times larger than a 5th grader and the other giants are 10X larger.

Next we measured the tables and chairs in the classroom based on a 5′ child and multiplied those measurements by 4.8 and then again by 10.

Next we had to change the scale for clay. The kids came up with 1cm=6in or 2cm = ft for our clay furniture. Hint, you need a LOT of clay for the BFG and the giant’s desk and chair, so you may only want one/two of those per class.

If you don’t have access to clay, you can always do this on graph paper, but it’s not as fun or as hands on.