Gallery Tales

Have you recently visited the Gallery? Write me an e-mail and tell me all about it! Below are some message other people have sent me… Thanks everybody!

Dear Kristy,

My name is Adam and today I went to the museum with my cousin Jacob and Mummy. We saw lots of lovely things like the book of James And The Giant Peach, and don’t forget the Fox Tunnel. I liked the dark room with shadows in it and we flashed lights to see shadows of the toys. I liked the BFG mirror and we made another friend called James. Jacob sat in the library on a cushion of the Enormous Crocodile (Mummy’s favourite) and they read a book. We live in Aylesbury and have to go back because there is so much to do and when we bought the tickets we also got free book tokens to buy a book with later. I liked the pictures you took of the gallery. Thanks for the web site.

From Adam Benrakad, aged 4

dear Kristy,

I went to the roald dahl gallery a few weeks ago and my favourite thing was the giant peach. Me and my mum got stuck in the glass elevator for 15 mins. I have been a lot of times and I really like it.

yours sincerely, lloyd forfar….

Dear Kristy,

Like you I am a Roald Dahl fan. I am six and am reading Fantastic Mr. Fox now. I have a brother called Iestyn who is three. I like Roald Dahl because he is a good writer.

I went to the Buckinghamshire Museum at Aylesbury yesterday with my brother and parents. The thing I liked best was Mr. Fox’s tunnel. We could not see Willy Wonka because his lift was broken and the Oompa Lumpas had not yet repaired it. There was a machine that you walked in front of, it had a camera and you could be seen on a T.V. Screen.

My brother liked Mr. Fox’s tunnel too.

I did not like the noise the bell made.

From Leah Stead

Dear Kristine Howard,

I went to the Roald Dahl Children’s Gallery in Aylesbury the other day with my brother Andrew (9), my mummy and daddy. We got there and we had to wait to get in as there is a system for only letting in a certain number of people at a time. We were allowed one hour in the Gallery.

The Gallery is on two floors. On the ground floor there is a display of all sorts of things, including a Giant Peach; inside this there was insects to look at under microscopes, drawers full of insects and magnifying glasses. There is Matilda’s Library, which has a lot of books by Roald Dahl and a video about him.

Also on the ground floor is the Fantastic Mr Fox’s Tunnel which has lots of holes, covered with glass with things inside them. As well as all these things there are lots of things to look at, dressing up clothes, a floating ball and a set of organ pipes you play by pressing on a pump on the floor.

To get to the first floor we went in the Great Glass Elevator! In the displays on the first floor there are lots of optical illusions for you to look at like zeotropes and a hand held maze where you have to roll Mrs. Twit’s glass eye into Mr. Twit’s beer. There is a video thing where you can see yourself with different backgrounds. There are some displays where I put my hand in to see if I could work out what was hidden in the holes. There is a shadow making thing where I made my shadow on a special wall. All round the gallery are telephone handsets and you can here different Roald Dahl stories.

I liked the gallery because it was full of things to look at and touch. The gallery had lots of decorations based on Quentin Blake’s pictures and mobiles. The whole gallery is designed to make children use their imagination.

From Christina Dean, aged 7