Dahl’s Life Crossword Puzzle

This quiz is based on the people and places of Roald Dahl’s life. All answers can be found within this site or in a good Dahl biography.

Dahl's Life Crossword Puzzle


4. Tessa Dahl’s real first name
8. Tessa Dahl’s real middle name
10. Village where Dahl lived many years and where he is buried
12. Dahl’s nickname in the military (because he was tall)
16. Original name of “Gipsy House”
18. Dahl once saw a snake-man catch a green         
19. Dahl travelled to Washington D.C. as “assistant air         
20. Dahl believed          Fisher, later Archbishop of Canterbury, abused students
22. Dahl’s youngest sister
23. American animator that wanted to film “The Gremlins”
24. Slang public school name for prefects (from “Boy”)


1. Town where Dahl lived in Tanganyika while working for Shell Oil Company
2. Type of school Harald Dahl wanted his children to attend
3.          Smith, artist and friend of Dahl
5. Lillian         , who introduced Roald Dahl to his future wife
6. Dahl’s eldest sister died of it (see 22 down)
7. Plane Dahl was flying when he crashed in the Libyan Desert
9. Dahl’s second eldest sister
11. Branch of the UK military Dahl joined in 1939
13. School Dahl’s sisters attended while he was at Repton
14. Dahl’s favorite composer
15. Dahl’s initial military rank was Leading         
17. Village in Wales where Dahl was born
20.          Crosland, Dahl’s second wife
22. Dahl’s eldest sister (see 6 down)