Roald Dahl’s Birthday Poem Contest

In September 2001, I ran a contest to celebrate Roald Dahl’s birthday on September 13. Visitors were invited to write a poem to commemorate the event. Here are the winning submissions. Thanks to everybody who participated!

Children’s Division

Winner: Emily Gardner, age 7

“roald dahl”

roald dahl
you are a dahl whenever you are round i see your smile

Adult Division

Co-Winner: Amy R. Martin

“happy day”

first thing every morning
is sugar!
yes, marvelous magic sands
sparkling white diamonds
waking me up
giving me joy with each
zippy little crystal
happy is easy
with sugar down my throat,
in my belly, up my nose
maple and molasses
fructose comes from fruct
glucose is my lifeline
what i liked best
served from momma’s cord
in the sea of beginnings
when i thought momma was a giant whale
and i was hired by God
to torment the whale for 9 months
in a test of character
…she passed

Adult Division

Co-Winner: Richard Williams

          Blindness betrays a world
              where our vision
    is a lucid collection of dreams and wishes,
          devastating the brushstrokes
  of artists that choose to paint a picture
             of truth and pain.
 If we burn the picture with flames of passion
   we unlock a universe of unlimited choice
      where our hearts can glow together
        like moonbeams dashed against
          that night sky we share.
   The stars observe a world of reality
            and bittersweetness,
       where love should come first,
           and sometimes does,
         but is often left behind,
                waiting to be unleashed...