The Soldier

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  • One-act opera composed by Lehman Engel
  • Libretto by Lewis Allen
  • Productions:
    • Concert performance on November 25, 1956, in Carnegie Hall, New York
    • Conducted by Lehman Engle
    • Cast:
      • Warren Galjour as Robert
      • Valerie Bettis as Edna
      • Leueen MacGrath
      • John Reardon
      • Brenda Lewis
      • James Hurst
  • “More than three decades ago, BMI and the late Lehman Engel, dean of American musical theatre, joined forces to create a setting where new writers for the musical theatre could learn their craft. An innovative program at its inception, the BMI Lehman Engel Musical Theatre Workshop continues to flourish and is considered to be the foremost training ground for new writing voices.”


Coming back from war, Robert is beset by disturbing memories, including mistreatment by the doctor and nurse, and he withdraws to his own world, thinking himself a child again. He then remembers his happiness with his wife, Edna, but his sense of loss drives him into madness, and he threatens his spouse with a knife. She calls for the doctor and asks for her husband to be taken away.