Media Mentions in The Stage

I’ve managed to locate a few references to Your Loving Wife (the retitled and rewritten UK production of The Honeys) in the archive of The Stage.

September 13, 1956

From Chat Chat:

New Dahl Comedy

“Your Loving Wife,” a new comedy by Roald Dahl, is to be presented by Emile Littler at the New, Oxford, on September 24 with Hermione Baddeley, Joyce Barbour, Agnes Lauchlan and Meredith Edwards.

September 27, 1956

From Baddeley in New Comedy :

ROALD DAHL, a British writer who has lived for some time in the United States, in “Your Young Wife,” adapted from his short stories, essays an “Arsenic and Old Lace” kind of theme. This concerns three monumentally addle-pated, over-dressed, sexually frustrated and mentally under-nourished American wives, who have disposed of or are trying to dispose of their husbands by various methods of poisoning and skullduggery.

Hermione Baddeley, Joyce Barbour and Agnes Lauchlan give of their best in the leading parts, and Meredith Edwards has the double-rôle of two husbands, both arrested adolescents.

The décor is by that sensitive artist, Paul Mayo.